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Consultation &

During our consultation, I deeply understand your unique context, experiences, and goals to tailor the approach for your ultimate thriving.


Longevity Guidance

Together, we’ll work towards your goals by implementing science-backed practices in sleep, stress, recovery, nutrition, and exercise, customized to your situation and preferences.



I provide motivation and support to transform small actions into lasting, life-changing habits for better and longer living.


Weekly Check-Ins

We’ll have regular 360° progress assessments to celebrate wins and address challenges on your path to better health.


24/7 Support

I’m always there to provide knowledge, info, and support 24/7 to enable you to make healthier decisions on your longevity journey.


Access to My App

Your central hub for daily actions, check-ins, messages, and hand-picked resources, all conveniently located in one place for your ease.

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